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Study Material for Class IX

The Study Material for Class IX have been listed below. Please click on the links to view the Study Material.

Suggested Reading List – English – Class IX – 2020 Abona Chanda


Acknowledgement for Online Study Material, with thanks :-

1) Dr. (Ms.) G. R. Hart  – Director of Education & CEO, W.G. Schools & Lady Principal, BBG.
2) Mrs. E. D’Rozario    –  Lady Principal, Patuli.
3) Miss. J. Michael      –   Vice Principal, BBG
4) Mr. M. Jennings     –    Vice Principal, Patuli
5) Mrs.M. Khan          –    Junior Head, BBG
6) Mrs. C. Saigal       –     Junior Head, Patuli

Coordinators (BBG) :
1.    Mrs. M. Neogi
2.    Mrs. Y. Rahman
3.    Mrs. G. Das
4.    Mrs. V. Shaw
5.    Ms. M. Mondal-Bothra
6.    Ms. S. Malla

Coordinators (Patuli) :
1.    Mrs.L.  More
2.    Mrs. J.R. C. Ghosh
3.    Mr. R. Rao
4.    Ms. J.Das
5.    Mrs. S.Gupta



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