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Welland Gouldsmith School situated at 288 Bepin Behari Ganguly Street has come a long way since it was first established by the Reverends W J Welland and H. Gouldsmith in the late 19th century. ln 1936 the Welland Memorial School was combined with the Gouldsmith Free School and called the Welland Gouldsmith School.

To day, we are affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi and send up candidates for both the ICSE (X) and ISC (Xll) examinations. We enjoy a high reputation for cent percent results every year.

As a truly inclusive school, the diversity of the students we admit is wide-ranging. Our aim is to provide quality education to all. More and more students compete to study in our school. During annual and term reviews of their child’s progress, parents appreciate and commend the School’s effort at the all-round development of their children.

The school faculty comprises highly qualified, sincere and dedicated staff and teachers. Students feel safe and secure in school at all times, as we teach, uphold and instill in them the highest moral and spiritualvalues of life.

May God continue to bless our endeavour as He has always done.

From The Headmistress’ Desk

Education should not only equip an individual with skills to earn bread and butter but also focus on human values and ultimately character formation. We ultimately perceive education as the foundation for all growth development as it creates an enlightened, progressive and integrated peaceful society.

At Welland Gouldsmith School, B. B. Ganguly Street, we emphasize on values such as integrity, kindness and respect. Our main aim is to enable our girls to take their place in society as responsible, informed, thinking and tolerant human beings. We carefully select cultural activities at school to sensitize students and promote our unique legacy of ancient culture and rich traditions amongst them. We also consistently make efforts to nurture the students’ interest and diverse activities so that each learner is able to realize her hidden potential, develop a broad outlook and imbibe a positive attitude towards life.

Every child has different capabilities and skills. Therefore we, at Welland Gouldsmith School, help a child discover her latent skills or talents so that her self-esteem and confidence level improves. The purpose of education in this stressful and technical world is to prepare human beings for a more meaningful life with happiness, love, trust and understanding, which can only make a child emotionally secure, confident and positive to take up the challenges of life.

Our cent percent passes at both, the ICSE (10) and ISC (12), Council Examinations over the past 20 years stands as a testimony to the stress on academics, which fills us with a deep sense of pride.

We are delighted and overjoyed with the outstanding achievements of our students, but we are even more gratified with the way they relate to the world about them. We ensure that our students learn a new set of skills and embrace interconnected concepts, think independently, work together, act decisively, communicate unambiguously and influence positively. These are precisely the benefits that a global education offers. We, at Welland Gouldsmith School, B. B. Ganguly Street, work towards achieving this goal.

Developmental work is an ongoing process and the ultimate beneficiaries will be the students. We have embarked on a new project and through this website we will bring to you the wonderful world of Welland Gouldsmith School, B. B. Ganguly Street – a world where we have happy teachers and happy young ladies.




Except the Lord bless the house
they labour in vain that build it

Except the Lord keep the city

the watchman waked but in vain.

If the Lord does not build the house, the work of the builders is useless; if the Lord does not protect the city, it is useless for the sentries to stand guard.

Welland Gouldsmith School has come a long way since 1870 when it was first a Parochial Home which gave shelter to 10(ten) little girls, the beginning of the nuclear pattern – which is still being woven till date.

Welland Gouldsmith School has travelled a long way by constantly changing scenery and travelling companions, enriching the lives of those who have undertaken the path of its progress from strength to strength. The pattern of ‘Welland Gouldsmith’ is still being woven into a living pattern for which we give praise and thanks to God.

School Song

1. JESUS KING OF GLORY (School Song)

Jesus King of glory, on this happy day
Hearken as Thy children, raise their festal lay;
Telling out Thy praises, in this House of prayer
Owing all Thy goodness, changeless love and care


Welland Gouldsmith children sweetly let us sing
Songs of glad thanksgiving, to the children’s King

That succeeding ages, here might sing Thy praise;
Counting it all honour, to be harassed tried,
So the name of Jesus, might be glorified,


And through all the changes, restless years have brought
Still abides the blessings, of the work they wrought
Still when Sabbath quiet, wraps the busy street
To the place of worship, come the faithful feet


Tired feet worn with travel, young feet firm and strong
Little feet that hasten, mid a happy throng
Welland Gouldsmith Children, jewels bright and rare
By Thee Lord entrusted to our constant care.


Bless then, Lord we pray Thee, that each life may shine
Both in school and playtime, with Thy grace Divine
So a living temple, shall our own school raise,
To Thy praise and glory, through the coming days.


2. LORD BEHOLD US (Beginning of the Term)

Lord behold us with Thy blessing
Once again assembled here;
Onward be our footsteps pressing
In Thy love and faith and fear;
Still protect us (2)
By Thy presence ever near.

For Thy mercy we adore thee,
For this rest upon our way;
Lord, again we bow before thee,
Speed our labours day by day;
Mind and spirit (2)
With Thy choicest gifts array

Keep the spell of home affection
Still alive in every heart;
May its power, with mild direction,
Draw our love from self apart
Till Thy children (2)
Feel that thou their Father art.

Break temtation’s fatal power,
Shielding all with guardian care,
Safe in every careless hour,
Safe from sloth and sensual snare;
Thou, our Saviour (2)
Still our failing strength repair.

3. LORD DISMISS US (End of the Term)

Lord dismiss us with Thy blessing,
Thanks for mercies past received;
Pardon all, their faults confessing,
Time that’s lost may all retrieve
May thy children (2)
Ne’er again thy sprit grieve

Bless thou all our days of leisure,
Help us selfish lures to flee;
Sanctify our every pleasure;
Pure and blameless may it be;
May our gladness (2)
Draw us evermore to thee

By the kindly influence cherish
All the good we here have gained;
May all taint of evil perish
By thy mighter power restrained
Seek we ever (2)
Knowledge pure and love unfeigned.

Let thy father-hand be shielding
All who here shall meet no more;
May their seed-time past be yielding
Year by year a richer store;
Those returning (2)
Make more faithful than before.


Attendance :- Students are required to be in school as per scheduled time (7:45 a.m) and will not be permitted to enter the school premises if late. However , absence will be permitted only incase of sickness on presentation of an application from the guardian along with a doctor’s certificate. Pupils who are absent for more than two months without prior notice are liable to have their names struck off the school rolls. Every child must be present on the first and last working day of each school term, failing which their names will be struck off the rolls.

Conduct & Discipline:- The school authority urges all to maintain harmonious and polite behaviour. Students are to follow and practice general good manners and maintain silence at all times especially during assembly, in classrooms, during break and at dismissal timings. Repeated gross indiscipline will be seriously dealt with and as a result the child may be terminated from school.

School Uniform:- It is compulsory for pupils to wear the following approved school uniforms for school and offical school functions.

1. Nursery to class II :- Yellow blouses and Royal blue tunics, black balerina shoes, navy blue socks, P.T outfits with white keds and school bag.

2. Class III to X :- Yellow blouses and Royal blue skirts, black balerina shoes, navy blue socks, school belts, tie and badge, P.T outfits and socks as per House Colours with white keds and school bag.

3. Class XI and XII :- Yellow blouses and Royal blue long trousers, black ballerina shoes, navy blue socks, tie and badge, P.T outfits with white keds along with socks as per house colour.

Winter Wear:-

1. Class Nursery to VI:-Royal blue cardigans and Royal blue leggings along with the school uniform mentioned above.

2. Class VII to X II :- Royal blue blazers along with their school uniform.

All School Uniforms must be stitched by the authorized school tailor only. Pupils are required to use school bags which are only supplied by the school.


Reverend Joseph Welland, M.A.of Trinity Dublin was responsible for starting the Old Church Day School in 1876. He had collected Rs.6000/- and with a Government grant of Rs.20,000/- the Welland Memorial Hall was purchased and the School moved into its premises in 1884.

Ib the year 1890 Reverend Herbert Gouldsmith M.A. Oxford took over the responsibility of the Old Mission Church. In November 1891 he began the Free Day School in addition to the Welland School for paying students.

With generous contributions from the H. Kiernandeer who had gifted his property and Rs.40,000/- to the Free Day School – the school grew.

In the year 1900 the school settled into its new quarters at 288 Bepin Behari Ganguly Street where we are still flourishing today.

In 1936 the Welland School was combined with the Gouldsmith Free School to be called the Welland Gouldsmith School.



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Welland Gouldsmith School situated at 288 Bepin Behari Ganguly Street has come a long way since it was first established by the Reverends W J Welland and H. Gouldsmith in the late 19th century. ln 1936 the Welland Memorial School was combined with the Gouldsmith Free School and called the Welland Gouldsmith School. Go to About Us

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