School Campus

Welland Gouldsmith School has a compact campus.

It started with the old building and gradually a new building was added to its known as the Verner Grieff Block. The other blocks are the Howlett Block and the Dunne Block.

Along with these blocks, a hall was created on the ground floor with a playground.

When Dr. (Ms) G.R.Hart, became the Principal of Welland Gouldsmith School in 1980, she had a dream.

She wanted to improve the campus in many ways. Under her guidance, the new building was constructed and more classrooms were added. Classes XI & XII were introduced. Later the Computer Rooms, Library and Laboratories were also added. There are two Music Rooms.

The school also boasts of a swimming pool and a basketball court.

Dr. Hart was happy to see her dream come alive.

Last, but not the least, a larger air-conditioned auditorium was built on the 4th floor of the new building. In 2015 this auditorium was dedicated to Dr. (Ms.) G R Hart – present Director of Education & CEO and Principal of the Welland Gouldsmith School.



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Welland Gouldsmith School situated at 288 Bepin Behari Ganguly Street has come a long way since it was first established by the Reverends W J Welland and H. Gouldsmith in the late 19th century. ln 1936 the Welland Memorial School was combined with the Gouldsmith Free School and called the Welland Gouldsmith School. Go to About Us

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